For Indie and Self-Published Authors

Thank you for your interest in the Pagination Bookshop Consignment Program! We believe in supporting local indie and self-published authors by giving them the opportunity to sell their books in our store through our consignment process. We are limiting our intake to 3 new authors a month. Here’s how you can become one of those authors:

Basic Requirements

  • Your book must have the author name and title on the spine
  • Your book must have an ISBN
  • It must have been published within the last year
  • You must live in the state of Missouri

What Now?
If your book meets every basic requirement above, you may qualify for placement in our program.

If you are a local author who has been published by a small press, please send us an email with a link to your website and information about your book. You can email us at

If you are a self published author, please know that we look for the following in newly self-published books, along with the highest quality of writing and content:

  • Grammar mistakes and typos should be minimal if not completely absent
  • Cover design must be marketable and thoughtfully considered
  • Page layout must be clear and professional
  • Illustrations and photos must be well-placed, and clearly reproduced on the page
  • Self-published authors will pay $50.00 consignment fee
  • Self-published authors agree to retail split of 40/60%

If you believe your book meets our basic criteria, we will be happy to consider it. Please compose a letter essentially “pitching” your book with sales history (if you have any at this point), reviews, and a brief description of the book and yourself. We will let you know via email whether we would like to consider a copy of your book.

Please note: We can only consider review copies with all edits, formatting and design finalized. Please wait until we response with a yes to your email query before you mail us your book.

Please email your query to Please DO NOT send or deliver a review copy until we have requested one from you, and please do not come into the shop to pitch your book if you do not previously arrange an appointment. If the copy of your book was not requested, it will not be accepted or considered. If we do decide to carry your book, we will let you know. We are not scheduling signing or author events at this time beyond those authors we invite personally.

We wish you the best of luck with your publishing endeavors and look forward to hearing from you!

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